lets talk about my mad fat diary

tell me more

is that show worth it?

February  21   ( 10 )   +
  1. nowatcmellark answered: yes, it’s really good! and not many episodes. plus, they have them all up on youtube (and in 720p).
  2. robgasm answered: it’s perfect
  3. thewinniefoster answered: way better than i expected and yes worth it. plus only six episodes!
  4. partesilvestris answered: lets talk about you and me, lets talk about sexxxxx
  5. sansa-starks answered: it’s so worth it, it’s waaay better than I expected.
  6. willliamherondale answered: if you don’t want to download it you can just watch it on youtube here youtube.com/playlis…
  7. cyborg-cinderella answered: i’m thinking about checking it out too b/c it’s been on my dash so much lately lol
  8. martinski answered: so worthy
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